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By now, you're probably wondering what The Nurse Purse is. It's many things, but most importantly it's an all-inclusive bag, including a compartment specifically for your pump. I got to use it for the first time on our cross country trip to New Hampshire (from Arizona) and it was a lifesaver. Our old diaper bag that we had would not have cut it!

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The Nurse Purse has room for everything. I mean everything. Not only does it have a compartment for my pump, it has two smaller side pockets, a large front pocket, and inside the pump compartment is a smaller pocket and this really awesome space that you can put a picture in! This is one of my favorite features, mostly because I love looking at pictures of Princess, but also because this is super awesome for nursing moms. Sometimes, pumping isn't easy, and it helps to look at pictures or videos of your baby while you nurse, so this is a very cool feature in my book.

What I really love is the convenience and ease of use. It's just like our normal diaper bag, except it's easier to pack because there isn't a million pockets and dividers everywhere. It's convenient because it's not too big (we fit it under the seat on the airplane - big plus) and I also ADORE the colors that they offer. I chose the "wildflower" color because my husband liked it as well.

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Ryan was constantly complimenting the bag on our trip and telling me how much better he liked it than our old bag, though I suspect he liked that it was less pink and more "manly" as well. He did ask that we continue to use this instead of our old diaper bag though, which was surprising to me. I don't know that I've ever heard him comment or give his opinion on a bag, so that to me is a pretty big deal! He also likes that things don't get lost inside as easily because he really hates searching for things, as do I. We feel a lot more organized with the Nurse Purse.

As much as the bag OVERALL is amazing, I want to touch more on the pump compartment and how awesome it is that the Nurse Purse is making it so convenient for us moms to pump! I've recently become a stay-at-home mom thanks to my business, but until then, I was a full-time working mom who had to pump up to 3 times a day. Have you ever tried lugging a pump around, trying to be discreet, fashionable, and practical? I'll tell you what, my old pump bag is HIDEOUS. I know for a fact people were looking at me wondering why in 2014, I was carrying this god-awful bag and what was in it. Personally, I didn't like drawing attention to the fact that I pumped, especially working in a building with 2000 people. If I'd had this Nurse Purse when I was working for a big corporate company, I would've felt insanely better. I could've doubled it as a purse for myself (which I do now)!

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This is the one of the best investments a new or expecting mom can make for herself. By far, the best bag I've seen out there, and I'm so glad I was given the opportunity to test it and use it for myself. I no longer feel like a bag lady because I can condense all my bags into one! I highly recommend this product, and will be using mine going forward. I give it 5 stars, and hope that y'all will love it as much as me!

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