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It's time for the weekly roundup! Last week, we covered Father's Day Dinners, so I figured this week I would keep with the Father's Day Theme! It's coming up quickly and I want us all to be prepared! Just as we like to be spoiled on Mother's Day, Father's Day is a big deal to our fathers/husbands. Now between the two weekly roundups, you can cover dinner for the day and gifts! These gifts are simple, and will totally surprise the father in your life!

My personal favorite is #24! Which one do you like? Be sure to pin this for later so you don't forget Father's Day - and you can use some of the other ideas for next year, and the year after that. Feel free to share in the comments below if you have any cool plans for Father's Day! I have something pretty awesome planned, but I can't blog about it yet or it'll ruin the surprise for Ryan. I promise though, totally awesome Father's Day extravaganza post to come in the future!


Father's Day gifts

1. Necktie Bottle Tags & Cupcake Toppers
2. Father’s Day Plaque
3. Father’s Day Coloring Page
4. Father’s Day Bookmark
5. Moustache Mug
6. Sharpie Mug
7. Hooked on Daddy Canvas
8. Cowboy’s Toothpick Holder
9. Necktie Coffee Cuff
10. Father’s Day Cards
11. Father’s Day Printables
12. BBQ Bucket
13. Mountain Man Soap
14. Six Packs of Treats
15. King For A Day Crown
16. Paint Dipped Golf Tees
17. Beer Bottle Art
18. Fishing Lure Keychain
19. Father’s Day Frame
20. Father’s Day Centerpieces
21. DIY Pencil Holder
22. I Love You This Much Card
23. Father’s Day Campfire Kit
24. DIY E-reader Holder
25. Guy Time Tickets

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