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Toddler food ideas for all types of toddlers - even picky eaters!


Hey y'all! This week I have some fantastic toddler food ideas for you. My mom always tells me that the world isn’t fair because I have such a calm baby. I was a tiny tornado ripping through life without any cares in the world. MY baby however, is a calm, peaceful stream, trickling water and relaxed. I have to say I’m pretty lucky when it comes to that aspect of my life. I always joke and tell Ryan we can’t have another for the pure fact that we won’t get this lucky again.

Getting to my point, I’m an extremely picky eater, and I was never really health-conscious growing up. As such, I’m trying to get Princess to eat a variety of foods and hopefully not be as picky as me! I compiled this huge list of 40 toddler food ideas, and I can only hope that my toddler isn’t a fussy eater. Some of these are more toddler friendly than others, but they’re all certainly great ideas to try. Some are healthier (you know we’ve gotta try and trick our toddlers to eat veggies) and some are more indulgent and snacky!

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Let me know what you think, which ones are you going to try?

1. Banana Peanut Butter Pizza

2. Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

3. Confetti Yogurt Fruit Dip

4. Fruity Pebbles Breakfast Parfait

5. Sweet Bananas and Honey

6. PB&J Apple Oatmeal

7. Baked Spaghetti with Hidden Veggies

8. Mac and Cheese Muffins

9. Fruit and Rice Breakfast Pudding

10. Homemade Pita Pizzas

11. Broccoli Burger Bites

12. No Bake Peanut Butter Bites

13. Frozen Yogurt Covered Strawberries

14. Lasagna Cups

15. Banana Strawberry Muffins

16. Chicken and Veggie Tots

17. Cauliflower Tots

18. Frozen Banana Pops

19. Grilled Veggies Cheese Sammy Fingers

20. Baby Chicken Stew

21. Carrot N Rice Porridge

22. Spinach and Pear Pancakes

23. Applesauce Granola

24. Vegan Fruit Loaf

25. Satay Turkey Meatballs

26. Baked Chicken Pesto Bites

27. Toddler Muffins [Secret Veggies]

28. Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting

29. Juice Popsicles

30. Terrible Two Ice Pops

31. Homemade Hamburger Helper

32. Munchkin Meatballs

33. Egg In A Basket

34. Chicken And Apple Balls With BBQ Dip

35. Dirt Pudding

36. Breakfast Toast Cups

37. Fruit Roll Ups

38. Funfetti Strawberry Pancakes

39. Rice and Lentils Porridge

40. Healthy Baby Pancakes

If you need lunch boxes, I highly recommend these bento lunch boxes for toddler food! You can section off a few different foods to make a whole balanced meal and they're super convenient for busy families. If you want to make things EXTRA fun with your toddler food ideas - try these cute vegetable cutters shaped like animals!

29 thoughts on “40 Amazing Toddler Food Ideas”

  1. Hey!
    I just wanted to say thank you for adding my recipe to your awesome list (#11 Broccoli Burger Bites!) I had great success making homemade baby food for my daughter who is now 32 months and one of the best eaters I know. It wasn’t that hard at all. When she got closer to 1 year, I started focusing one weekend a month to create a months’ worth of baby food in the freezer (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks per day.) We would make sure to move each meal to the fridge the day before so it would be thawed by morning. I regret nothing, and the work wasn’t even that hard (more or less planning your shopping trip correctly.) I enjoyed it so much I would actually make baby food for friends and family if they asked me!

    1. Absolutely! It’s a great recipe, thanks for the inspiration! I don’t even like broccoli and I think it looks fantastic! Definitely something I’ll be adding to my daughter’s rotation.

      1. I can’t even open any of the recipes??!! I would love to try some of these recipes. What is the age group for introducing these recipes?

        1. Are you getting a specific error when opening the links? The food ideas are acceptable for most children over 1, but it’s up to your discretion really 🙂

  2. I’ve been trying to click on the links to see the recipes and all I’m getting is blank pages 🙁 boo! Guess I’ll have to google them! Awesome list!

    1. Is there any specifically you’re wanting? The links are all working on my end and I would be more than happy to email them to you!

          1. It just has a blank page. I was using an iPad. I got them to work on my laptop, but they still don’t work on my iPad.

  3. There are some super cute ideas shared here! It’s smart that you’re starting when your little one is young to introduce new foods. It will hopefully increase the amount of variety she is willing to eat and lead to a healthier diet. Some of my kids are pickier than others (of course) but introducing a variety of foods early and in a fun way I think has helped.
    Sharla recently posted…Fall Preschool Activities & Pinning PartyMy Profile

    1. I’m having no issues with the links coming up. Have you cleared cache and cookies on your machine recently? That can sometimes cause pages not to load.

  4. My twins ate every last delicious drop of home made organic baby food until about age 2 1/2 almost 3. Then they became VERY picky. Now at age 4.5 they are less picky and more adventurous in trying new foods. It was a rough year of trying to find things they will eat. I got very proficient at hiding veggies in things. Not all kids go through a picky phase, and some do. Even if their mom painstakingly makes every meal from scratch with love, sweat and tears. 😉
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