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Summer Bucket List For Toddlers














Everyone needs a summer bucket list, seriously. It's so easy to get bored over summer and do nothing but watch TV and stay inside, but that's no fun at all! Especially not for a busy bee toddler who is growing and developing both mentally and physically. Toddlers CRAVE play time, sensory activities, and more. They need to be entertained. So let's give them entertainment! [Insert obligatory "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!" joke here]. Check out this summer bucket list for toddlers, and go through them with your toddler this summer! Let me know which ones you want to try in the comments below!


1. Go to a story-time toddler class at a local library.

2. Make edible finger paint.

3. Attend a toddler music class.

4. Make a DIY sensory board.

5. Play with shaving cream.

6. Have an impromptu dance "party".

7. Make water beads. Caution: May not be suitable for kids who put things in their mouths.

8. Make bath paint with shaving cream and food coloring.

9. Mix 1 part water, 1 part corn starch. Play in it!

10. Make a DIY splash pad. No, seriously. Do it.

11. Try some simple sensory bags for toddlers.

12. Introduce a "pour, scoop, transfer" activity like this one.

13. Go swimming.

14. Go for a bike ride with a cool kid bicycle seat.

15. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk.

16. Decorate a paper bag puppet.

17. Make a pillow fort.

18. Try a soapy sparkle squish sensory bag.

19. Make a reading corner. Read books!

20. Pretend cooking with pots, pans, and things like wooden spoons.

21. Make an egg carton treasure box.

22. Make a cardboard box car.

23. Make a cardboard box house/fort.

24. Color a picture together.

25. Play peekaboo.

26. Make a diaper mailbox.

27. Create a cereal box sidewalk.

28. Make a DIY animal book.

29. Turn your house into a race track.

30. Let your toddler be Doc McStuffins for a day.

31. Make flash cards.

32. Build stuff with play dough.

33. Let them plant a small plant in a container.

34. Take your toddler to the zoo.

35. Go to a science museum.

36. Let your toddler help give your car a car wash.

37. Visit the aquarium.

38. Make cheerio necklaces.

39. Go to a petting zoo.

40. Try this spider web walking game.

14 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List For Toddlers”

    1. Making a bucket list is so much fun – it gives us ideas for every day so we don’t get lazy over the Summer!

  1. i feel like i do all those every day with my toddler. lol. i keep meaning to make a felt board for my daughter, our library has one and she loves it. just too much other diy projects going on…

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