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Hey guys! This week I'm sharing my Paleo meal plan (for week one) with you. As you might know, a while back I mentioned going gluten-free. I got in a really great groove, lost almost 10 lbs, was consistently working out, and then I got extremely sick. I stopped everything, went on a super bad eating spree, and gained most of it back. The reason I'm being honest with you, rather than telling you how successful I was, is because I want you to know that I'm a human too. I make mistakes. What I found was that gluten free was easily achievable, but it still allowed me to have some grains, and ultimately led me into pasta temptation-land.

A few weeks ago, my mother in law brought Paleo to my attention. Though I'd heard of it, I never knew much about it, and I wasn't really interested. She started doing it, mentioned a ton of yummy foods to me, and talked about her success and how much better she felt. Essentially, it eliminates dairy, sugar, and grains from your diet. All of those things have in the past caused issues in some way or another, grains with my asthma, dairy with my stomach, and sugar with my weight [read: I've got a huge sweet tooth]. This Paleo`1 meal plan has been a huge help to me and I hope it can help you too!

I decided to commit to Paleo, for at least a week. What I've been reading though, is that some of the effects of withdrawal from sugars and grains can cause some pretty intense side effects. So I decided I'm committing to at least a month. I want to share my successes with you, and talk about how well it's going and such. So I'll be doing a weekly meal plan, discussing what worked for me and what didn't.

You'll notice in my meal plan some of the meals have (*) after them. This is because the recipes in this Paleo week one meal plan are all gathered from Practical Paleo, a book given to me by my mother in law with TONS of Paleo information, meal plans, recipes, and more. If you are at ALL interested in Paleo, I highly recommend buying this book. I geeked out on it for over an hour when I first got it in the mail! The smoothie recipes can be found right here on Nerdy Foodie Mom, though you'll have to adapt to leave out the oats!

This Paleo Meal Plan is sure to help you reach your goals. It has nutrient dense, delicious food that will have you feeling great in no time!

And while I'm recommending books to help you be successful with your Paleo meal plan, I highly recommend Real Life Paleo. It's another book similar to Practical Paleo filled with tons of great recipes, and I'll always advocate for having more recipes in your recipe rotation.

If you like this week, check out my Paleo Week Two Meal Plan as well! 

If you have any questions/comments about Paleo, the Paleo meal plan for week one, or anything else, leave me a comment in the section below! Feel free to join me on this journey and pin this image on Pinterest to follow along! If you don't follow me on Pinterest yet, now is the perfect time to do so!

EDIT 9/11/2107: I have revised this meal plan to include more nutrient dense breakfast options, as well as an easier to read format. Also, many of you have asked about the creamy basil avocado dressing and you can find that recipe here. I don't currently do Paleo full time anymore (about 75% of the time), but I am still passionate about sharing healthy food and recipes here at the blog. Keep your eyes peeled for more!



24 thoughts on “Paleo Week One Meal Plan”

    1. Which recipes specifically are you looking for? All of the ones with an asterisk (*) are in the book Practical Paleo that I linked to. The smoothie is right here on my blog. Are there any others you’d like that I missed? 🙂

    1. You don’t much have to worry about the portion sizes because it’s Paleo. Because you’re eating whole, real foods, you can generally eat until you feel full.

  1. One thing to understand about Paleo is that you are to eat high protein sources at every meal and snack. Some days you have meals with little or no protein, i.e. 2 eggs gives only 12 grams of protein/12 grams fat, while the fruit is, on the macro level, all carb. I would up the eggs to 3-4 and eat it with cheese or the 3 slices of bacon. My ideal breakfast is a 4 oz steak/3 eggs/ fruit/ 1 cup sauteed spinach. Unless you add meat or eggs to your lunch salads, they have no protein. The meals that have little or no protein and/or fat put you at risk for high blood sugar/high insulin, some of the things Paleo was designed to mitigate against. Thanks for listening.

    1. You’re right! As I’ve been doing Paleo for a longer time now and have recently decided to incorporate strength training into my routine, I’ve learned a lot more about macronutrients and how to properly meal plan. I’m planning to make a new meal plan soon. Thanks for your input!

    1. Yes, there are tons of protein sources for vegetarians. I’d suggest looking up some of the better protein sources for vegetarians (although I’m sure you already know some of them) and incorporating those instead!

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