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Christmas is in the air and I couldn't possibly be any happier! This is my favorite time of year, and I basically run off all the "scrooges" with my Christmas cheer. I basically sweat glitter during this time of year, so if you're a Christmas hater, move on! I want to share some of my favorite Christmas activities with you this year, and I'm starting with DIY ornaments. This DIY Candyland Ornament is one of the cutest I've ever made, and I'm going to show you two different ways to make it, depending on your preference!

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DIY Candyland Ornament

Things you'll need for DIY Candyland Ornament 1:
Blank glass or plastic ornament
Ribbon of your choosing
2-3 bottles of sprinkles, multicolored
Funnel or paper to make your own funnel

This one is extremely simple! All you have to do is pour the sprinkles through the funnel until you've filled the ornament to the desired level. Keep in mind, these can get kind of heavy and might weigh your tree branches down, so you might want to fill them halfway and stop.

DIY ornament


You can use any kind of ribbon you have to make the hanging part of this ornament. And that's it! Literally, that's all you have to do to make this adorable ornament. I know, right?!


DIY ornament


Now I want to talk about the second version of this ornament, which is my personal favorite. It weighs a lot less, you can use less sprinkles, and I think it looks a little cuter!

Things you'll need for DIY Candyland Ornament 2:
Blank glass or plastic ornament (I used plastic in these pictures)
1 bottles of multicolored sprinkles
Spray adhesive/glue

For this one, you just spray some adhesive or glue into the ornament and swish it around, being sure to coat the entire inside of the ornament.
Next, you'll want to pour in some sprinkles, enough to coat all the sides evenly. For this part, I basically just rolled it around until the sprinkles stuck to glue on all the sides. Then, just tie a pretty bow with the tulle, and you're done!

DIY ornament

What's your favorite Christmas craft or DIY ornament to make? Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “DIY Candyland Ornament Two Ways”

  1. I like them both, but the second one seems easier, and more apt to be lighter on the tree branches. Thank you for sharing these great DIY ideas.

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