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I shared a coloring page with you guys a couple weeks ago and it's been a huge hit! I'll continue to share some here so you guys can always have something new to color. I told you it was addicting -- right?! Surely, I gave you a warning about going down the rabbit hole of adult coloring. As in, when you go to WalMart to pick up a pack of colored pencils, you probably shouldn't buy the entire aisle of coloring utensils. Not that I've done that or anything...

Anyway, adult coloring is probably one of my favorite hobbies now. I don't get as much time to do it as I would like, but I've found a real passion for adult coloring! It makes you feel like a kid again and it is SO relaxing. I'm actually in an adult coloring group on Facebook where people are consistently talking about using it for pain relief or stress relief. In fact, my mom uses it to distract herself from pain, and I'd say it works! If you're at all interested, I highly encourage joining Adult Coloring Worldwide (the group I previously linked to). They are so encouraging there, I've never seen any drama, and people post the most beautiful creations! It totally inspires me to do my own adult coloring, especially when I scroll through the group over the weekend.

Halloween Adult Coloring Page

This week, I have a great Halloween themed adult coloring page for you and, like the last one, it's totally FREE! All I ask is that if you decide to color it, share your creations with me on social media! You can find me on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook super easily to share if you feel so inclined! This one is very "Dia De Las Muertos" feeling, so if you like coloring skulls and creepy Halloween stuff, this adult coloring page is perfect for you! Scroll down to download it via PDF!

If you missed the last page, feel free to hop on over and check that one out too: Free Adult Coloring Page! As soon as I get a nice little collection for you guys, I'll put a tab at the top of the website where you can easily access and find all the adult coloring pages that have been published on Nerdy Foodie Mom! And just so you don't miss any, consider signing up for my newsletter so you get notified about new posts weekly!

Download the PDF file .

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