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Throughout the year, I periodically write about marriage and dating. It's something I really enjoy writing about because I think that being married young has given me such a unique perspective on love, dating, and marriage. Something that is very important to me as a wife and mother is date nights (or days)! We don't get to go on many typical dates because of our budget and because having kids has made us change the way we decide to spend our hard earned money. We like to get creative and do all kinds of different things and as long as we get to spend quality time together, we are happy! I've given you Summer date ideas and Fall date ideas, but here are some of my favorite romantic Winter date ideas!

Try these 25 romantic winter date ideas this year!


1. Driving around to look at Christmas lights with hot cocoa. You really can't go wrong with this one! Unless you're Scrooge, in which case, I encourage it even more because Christmas magic is REAL, okay? 😉

2. Ice skating! This is one of my absolute favorite Winter date ideas and has been all my life. Even in Arizona, we have ice skating rinks and I just love it so much! It's always fun to spend time ice skating with someone you love. I haven't tackled outdoor ice skating yet - but it's in my future, I just know it!

3. Making snow angels. This is just so much fun and it really never gets old! If you get the chance, make some snow angels with your loved one this year and take pictures to remember the date!

4. Zoo lights! Here in Arizona, the Phoenix Zoo does a really great Christmas light celebration during the Winter and it's one of my favorite Winter date ideas here in Arizona. You walk around the entire zoo to see all the lights and there is music and hot chocolate and it's just a blast! If you ever get the chance to go, I highly recommend it.

5. Go on a nature walk! This is my all time favorite out of these Winter date ideas, especially when we get to visit New Hampshire. We hope to be moving there in the next few months and I hope we can take advantage of this one before the snow disappears in 2016! Connecting with nature and spending time together is a great way to spend your days this Winter.

6. Snow shoeing. We love to go out in the woods and enjoy some snow shoeing! It's a great workout and since we don't get to do it often, it's one of our favorites when we get the chance. I have some nice new purple snow shoes waiting for me to move to New Hampshire, so here's hoping we move while there is still snow!

7. Christmas movie night! If you want to stay in for your Winter date, set up a Christmas wonderland movie night! Grab all your favorite Christmas movies, some hot chocolate, snacks, and lots of blankets! Snuggle up and enjoy each other this Winter. This is my favorite Christmas movie!

8. Game night in. If you can't head out because of the weather and you need a date night in, have a game night! You can include the whole family or just the two of you for a fun evening. We like Phase 10 for when it's just the two of us!

9. Build a fort! In my opinion, you are never too old for fort making! My husband and I make no secret of the fact that we enjoy forts. We have camped out in our living room many a time and it never stops being fun!

10. Go to a hockey game! This is obviously one of our favorites because we are both Bruins fans and share a mutual love for hockey. I spent many many days in high school at hockey games and my love for hockey has never faded! Two Christmases ago, I surprised Husband with tickets to the game and we went while we were visiting family. It made for a lovely kid-free date! We met up with some close friends after at a local bar and all the Bruins fans celebrating the win made the experience really amazing.

winter date ideas


11. Go sledding. This is one of the classic Winter date ideas! I've actually never been sledding as an Arizonan because the only time I had the opportunity to be in snow and do that, I was in a knee brace! We are definitely trying this one out this year.

12. Carriage rides. These are so magical, aren't they? I've never been on one but it's definitely on our Date Bucket List. Something about Christmastime and the cold crisp air just makes me want to snuggle up for a carriage ride and look at Christmas lights!

13. Make s'mores! I never made s'mores until I met my husband and now it's one of my favorite Winter date ideas of all time! I went 21 years without having a s'more so naturally I need to make up for lost time!

14. Visit a museum. If you aren't really wanting to brave the colder temps, head to a museum and snuggle up inside while you get to view beautiful art and history!

15. A scavenger hunt. I have always enjoyed scavenger hunts, even as an adult! I would love to put a fun Winter themed scavenger hunt to do as a date this year!

16. Visit a local comedy club! I used to love doing this when I lived near a comedy club in Utah and I just know we would enjoy it, so I'm marking it as one of my Winter date ideas to try this year.

17. Make a gingerbread house. We absolutely love making gingerbread houses even though they usually turn into a disaster. This is one of my favorite ways for us to spend time together! We get to laugh, be creative, and have fun!

18. Have a Winter wonderland picnic. Bundle up and head to your favorite Winter scenery! Take some hot cocoa, chili, and any other warm comfort foods you enjoy and enjoy the time outside together! Personally, the cold doesn't bother us and we would totally do something like this!

19. Snowball fight! Who doesn't love a classic snowball fight? This might seem like one of the crazier Winter date ideas, but it certainly is one of the most fun!

20. Take a cooking class together. If you've both wanted to dive into cooking classes, what better time than Winter? You can cozy up inside and cook some nice warm food and spend quality time together!

21. Go Christmas tree shopping. We take Christmas trees pretty seriously around here so shopping for one (live or fake) is a big family event! It's fun to pick out a nice tree together and then go home and decorate it. Make a nice Christmas movie night out of it, too!

22. Make business plans for next year! Are you and your loved one planning on starting a business next year? Perhaps you're both crafty and want to start a craft business? Sit down and start drawing our your business plans - this is an important step and will make it seem more real!

23. Write a list of why you love each other. Okay, I know this sounds cheesy but honestly it's a really good step to take if you're having any kind of communication issues. Not all relationships are perfect, and sometimes it's good to revisit why you're in them in the first place. Cozy up next to a fireplace and write your lists together. You'll be surprised at what a fun Winter date this can be!

24. Visit an aquarium. I'm probably biased on this because SeaWorld was our first date and we've visited many aquariums together but I absolutely love this date idea! Realistically, you can do this any time of year, but it's nice to stay inside and get warm during the Winter while you view the beautiful ocean life.

25. Make something together! I'm pretty crafty, so I'm usually always making things, but it's nice when I can get my husband involved. He's a lot craftier than he thinks he is and he's made me some really beautiful things (a nail polish rack made out of a window - HELLOOOO is he perfect or what?) so we like to make home decor on our dates sometimes!

Ultimately, this is only 25 Winter date ideas out of many, but these are my favorite and I hope you'll get to try some this year with the one you love! What are your favorite Winter date ideas?

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