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How To Revive Your Blog And Increase Your Pageviews

I'm guessing you clicked through because my title resonated with you. Whether you're a new blogger or a seasoned blogger who has taken a break or just gotten burnt out on trying to increase your pageviews, just know that it IS possible to revive your blog and find the joy in it again, all while increasing those numbers! I've taken several breaks from my blog (after a cross country move, after the birth of my second child, after burn out, etc.) and I find that it can be hard to get back into the swing of things when I see low pageviews where I used to see tons!

How To Revive Your Blog And Increase Your Pageviews


I recently revived my blog and was able to go from 5,000 views one month (without any effort, just coasting on old content views) to 20,000 views the next month and I'm STILL GROWING! I'll do an update in a few months to let you know how much I've grown, but in the meantime, here are some of the tips I've taken to grow that fast! These tips can be applied by new bloggers, seasoned bloggers, or anyone wanting to revive their blog. Know that in the end, numbers are not the most important thing about blogging, but if your goal is to grow your blog and increase your pageviews, these tips can help!

Tips For Increasing Your Pageviews

  1. Write better titles.
    Are your titles capturing people's attention and making them want to click through to your blog? If you saw your titles on Facebook or Pinterest, would you click? Keep that in mind and ask yourself every time you publish a post. Writing captivating titles that encourage people to keep reading is an important part of starting to increase your pageviews.
  2. Revamp old content. 
    If you have great content that's been published a long time ago but it isn't garnering pageviews, go back and revamp it! Update the picture, SEO, and add any new information you can to the post. When you update old content and republish it, you should be able to increase your pageviews with the same content you used before but in a new way! Check out these SEO tips to change your blogging game to help you revamp old content. As I started to revive my blog, I re-did SEO on a ton of posts and my search traffic has almost quadrupled in the last month!An example of a post I did this on is 50 Things I Will Teach My Daughter. The first time I published it, there wasn't really an intro, there was no SEO (gasp!), and no picture (double gasp)! I revamped it a couple years later and even sent it to Huffington Post! Not only did I get published on Huff Post, but it also consistently brings me pageviews now.
  3.  Push social media.
    Being active on social media is an important part of being a blogger, but also a great way to increase your pageviews on a monthly basis. The more you grow your social media platforms, the more eyes you'll have on your content that you're sharing! I recommend Tailwind for growing Pinterest - it's my favorite blogging tool, but more on that in a future post! Sign up here to get a free month!
  4. Create an email list!
    Creating an email list is absolutely one of the biggest game changers. I wish I would've started one from the first day I started blogging! Instead, I started one a few years into my journey, right after I decided to revive my blog after a huge break and increase my pageviews. I've quickly grown my list from 0 to 500 and that kind of list can help you increase your pageviews massively depending on how you use your newsletter and market your content! If you decide to sell a product like an ebook, a webinar, or a course, having an email list is key to generating a sales funnel and getting those pageviews where you want them. Mailchimp is my favorite newsletter creation tool but there are lots of others out there!
  5. Post consistently. 
    There was a pretty long stretch right before and after I had my second baby that I wasn't posting consistently on my blog at all, and my pageviews reflected that! I wasn't posting quality content, I was doing the occasional review, and I wasn't really pushing it on social media like I should've been. Create new content consistently to give people more things to read when they visit your blog! Don't put out content just to put out content though - create quality, evergreen content for your readers!

By putting these tips into effect, you can increase your pageviews and bring back your blog from the dead OR take it to the next level! What kinds of things are you doing to revive your blog and reach your goals this month? Share with me in the comments below!

If you want to revive your blog but aren't sure where to start and these tips aren't detailed enough for you, you can also consider signing up for my Money Making Blog Course! Here I share all the details of how I've created a thriving and profitable blog all while staying home with my kids! 

Not sure if my course is for you? Send me an email at nerdyfoodiemom@gmail.com and we can chat! 

3 thoughts on “How To Revive Your Blog And Increase Your Pageviews”

  1. I’m really glad you posted these tips without requiring me to sign up for a course. Lol! I think one of my challenges is coming up with a good title. I definitely still have alot to learn.

    1. Coming up with a good title is definitely something that’s always been hard for me, too! I do have a course launching at the end of the month but I like sharing info for free too <3 I relied on it a ton in the beginning so I like to give back!

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