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Hey y'all! I talk a lot about blogging and how I'm able to stay home with my kiddos and make money but I wanted to share another 15 unique ways to make money from home with you too! Blogging is my favorite way, but it definitely isn't the only way to make money from home! I get asked all the time about opportunities to make money online, and a lot of times I see it in groups that I'm in on Facebook too. A mom asks how she can work from home and the MLM/direct sales people immediately start circling like sharks. Direct sales is one way, but it isn't the only! So fear not, here are 15 unique ways to make money from home for you!

15 Unique Ways To Make Money From Home - it can be hard to find true and legit work from home. These ideas are so helpful!

15 Unique Ways To Make Money From Home

  1. Direct sales.
    It wouldn't make sense if I didn't include this because it's certainly a way to make money from home, but some people just aren't into the sales thing, and that's okay! I would only recommend this if you love sales and don't mind reaching out to strangers pretty consistently.
  2. Drop shipping. 
    I haven't personally done this one yet, but I know a few people who are making a pretty decent living with it! I found a great article about it here that you can read to decide if it's something you want to do.
  3. Create an Etsy shop.
    If you're a crafty person, you can make great money on Etsy: a platform for handmade goods. If you crochet, knit, do digital design, make jewelry, etc. Etsy is a great platform to make money! In fact, I have a small side hustle with my own Etsy shop as a graphic designer making printable art! There is a small fee for each listing in your shop, but if you sign up HERE, we both get 40 free listings! Imagine how much you could earn if you sold 40 things!
  4. Babysitting.
    I did this in high school and college and it was a great way to earn some extra money. I was able to work on my homework and other stuff during nap times. I also would've been able to continue doing it with my own kids had I continued to do it after I had my kids!
  5. Social media management.
    Kim at Barefoot Budgeting has a great post on how to get started with social media management but this is one of the main proponents of my business and how I've been able to stay home with my kids for so long!
  6. Proofreading.
    If you have an account on UpWork, you can get some proofreading work fairly easily as long as you're consistently applying and supplying clients with great results!
  7. Online yard sale groups.
    Have some stuff lying around the house that you're ready to get rid of? Make a few bucks off it first! List it in local buy/sell/trade or yard sale groups on Facebook and see if anyone wants to buy it. This works really great for kids stuff, electronics, furniture, and clothing. I find that I'm going through and tossing stuff every other month or so and I can make quite a bit if I'm selling it all!
  8. In person yard sales.
    These are something you'll have to put a little more planning in to but if you've got a ton of stuff to sell and you don't want to list it all online and meet people to get rid of stuff, just have a regular old yard sale! We do this once or twice a year and I've made close to $500 each time.
  9. Ebay.
    This is a great way to do basically the same thing as the online yard sale groups, but reach a broader audience. Selling on ebay works well if you have a lot of particularly collectible items in a certain niche that might not market well locally, but would otherwise.
  10. Pet sitting.
    Pet sitting is a great way to make some extra money, especially around the holidays when people are going out of town all the time! If you love animals, start advertising your services so you can build a portfolio and you could soon become the town pet sitter!
  11. Photography.
    Are you great at taking pictures? You can sell them as stock photos, or offer sessions to people in your area. Although this isn't technically "at home", it's still a great way to have control over your own income.
  12. Party planning.
    While you'll likely have to leave the house a bit for parts of this, if you're great at party planning, you can easily turn it into a business from your home!
  13. Baking.
    Love to bake? Are people raving about your baked goods? Sell your baked goods at local craft/bake fairs and online (but make sure to read your local laws about selling food from your home to see if/how you can do that).
  14. Recipe creation.
    If you're great at creating recipes, get to work! You can become a virtual assistant to food bloggers and create recipes and beautiful food photos for them and earn a killing! My friend Sadie talks about this in her incredible VA course - if you're interested in becoming a virtual assistant, I HIGHLY recommend her course. I wouldn't be even a fraction as successful as I am without her mentoring and guidance!
  15. Blogging!
    Of course, I'm also going to plug blogging! You didn't think I wouldn't, did you? 😉 Blogging is absolutely my passion and my favorite way to make money from home. I truly never thought I'd be where I am today when I started my blog, and I want to share this success and passion with people! If you want to become a blogger, check out my Money Making Blog Course to help you learn how to turn your blog into a profitable business like I have. I know it seems impossible, but the money is there - it's just waiting for you to grab it!

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