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Y'all, I have something to confess. I am an Etsy ADDICT! I love shopping on Etsy so much. I never even knew it existed until I was pregnant with my daughter. I found it, started searching for hair bows, and the obsession began. I have found a ton of unique gifts for Christmas so I highly recommend Etsy shops for Christmas shopping this year! I'm going to share a few of my favorites with you so you too can find the best gifts this year!

Also, Etsy is a great way for people like me and other stay at home moms to achieve their dreams of running a business from home. If you get the chance, please favorite these shops to help them out!

13 Best Etsy Shops For Christmas Shopping This Year - you can find so many unique gift ideas by shopping these Etsy shops!

13 Best Etsy Shops For Christmas Shopping This Year

  1. Magnolia Creative Shop
    15 Best Etsy Shops For Christmas Shopping This Year

    Did you know that I have an Etsy shop too? It's pretty new but I really love creating graphic design prints for it. I'll be adding crochet scarves and mermaid tail blankets at some point this week too, so be on the lookout for those if you are in need of some!

2. Lily + Maze

I absolutely love Lily + Maze! She has the cutest jewelry (and hellllllooooo Harry Potter items!) and I love her mission. A portion of all proceeds goes to the Kenya Project. You can read more about her story here.

3. To Craft A Home

Do I even need to explain? CAT SWEATERS, y'all! Don't have a cat? Fear not! She also has a great collection of crochet hats, toys, and some crochet patterns if you want to do it yourself!

4. Dye Hard Baby

Dye Hard Baby is THEE place for tie dye baby stuff! Her onesies are absolutely adorable and I've seen some of her other work and it's all great. You can also request custom orders so if you're looking for some great tie dye from Etsy shops for Christmas shopping - definitely check her out!

5. Found By Nature Co.

Looking for that unique and special piece for someone in your life? These pieces from Found By Nature Co are absolutely stunning! These types of items are why I love Etsy shops for Christmas shopping - you can find the most beautiful gifts!

6. Freckled Heart

If you love essential oils, this is the shop for you! Freckled Heart has a great collection of diffuser necklaces, some cute shirts for essential oil lovers, and even some cool superhero stuff for the geeks in the crowd! I'm fortunate enough to have a matching mommy + me mala bracelet set from her that my daughter and I wear all the time! You cannot skip this Etsy shop for Christmas shopping this year - there's too many beautiful pieces!

7. Lettering By Melody
Lettering By Melody is not only run by a great friend of mine, she's also a student of The Money Making Blog Course! Her shop is full of incredible handlettering designs and I even bought this beautiful Aquarius foiled print for my office! I highly recommend her if you love handlettered designs.

8. Bohemian Polish

Because who doesn't want to buy beautiful sparkles? In fact, you can even request custom nail polish from her shop! I also just bought a ton of her cuticle oil for myself on Black Friday too because she has an incredible list of scents to choose from!

9. Magical Scentsations
Okay so Magical Scentsations has tons of awesome Christmas candles and such too which is perfect if you're visiting Etsy shops for Christmas shopping this year BUT - she also has incredibly cool geeky stuff like this amazing Harry Potter candle! A friend recommended her shop to me and I can't wait to buy some cool nerdy stuff!

10. Red Morning Studios
This shop is perfect for any occasion that you need printables for! She does photo booth props, chalkboard signs, invitations, and even these awesome wine labels! This is the perfect time to stock up on some wine labels if you're scouting Etsy shops for Christmas shopping this year.

11. Beez Nuts
il_570xn-776244742_53dnDo you or somebody you know need some raw bee pollen? Get it from the best in the biz at Beez Nuts! She's also got some other herbs and things like chamomile powder for the health conscious! And can we get a round of applause for this shop name, y'all?

12. Slap Dash Mom

This shop is full of great stuff that would all make great Christmas presents! She has a ton of beautiful printables and if you like to have your Oracle cards read, you can even purchase an Oracle card reading by her awesome daughter!

13. Paisley Maizie

Paisley Maizie is one of my favorite Etsy shop finds! She isn't taking anymore orders before Christmas this year but it's always an option for someone to pick the strap they want for ordering later. That's what I'm doing because I seriously NEED one of these beautiful camera straps! She also carries stethoscope straps for those in the medical field!

There you have it - all my favorite Etsy shops for Christmas shopping this year! I'm just about done with my Christmas shopping but these Etsy shops have given me the perfect unique pieces to complete my Christmas shopping this year, and I hope they will for you too!

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