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If you run a business from home or are involved deeply in any kind of business, you might find yourself becoming pretty unorganized at times. Sure, post it notes can be helpful, but there's nothing quite like a bullet journal for business organization purposes! I've been finding a lot of help with organization using a bullet journal in the last couple of months. In fact, I've been more productive than ever! Because of the help my bullet journal has provided in organization, I was able to launch my blogging course, ramp up to start a podcast in the new year, pass all of my classes, and even save money!


If you want to use your bullet journal for business, these are some great bullet journaling tips to help keep you efficient and organized!

Today, I wanted to share 5 ways to use your bullet journal for business with you, just in case you're getting your bullet journal ready for the New Year like I am! I hope that you'll find all of these tricks and ideas helpful in keeping your business organized and efficient as well.

5 Ways To Use Your Bullet Journal For Business

  1. Use it to help you manage your social media.
    If you're running any type of business, I'm hoping that you've discovered the power of social media by now! It doesn't matter what kind of business you have, social media is a powerful tool designed to help spread the word, and in the modern age, it's a faster, more efficient way of word of mouth. Having a strong social media presence is a great idea for any type of business, even bloggers! I talked about how to use a bullet journal for social media purposes before, but this is a friendly reminder that it can reduce the time you spend by a pretty hefty amount if you're using your bullet journal!
  2. Set a profit goal.
    Have you started setting goals for how much you want to earn in the next year with your business? If so, you'll likely have realized that all of those earnings won't be profit. After all, you have to spend money to make money! Create an itemized list of your expenses that you know you'll have every single month and account for those in your earnings. Leave a little wiggle room, but also set a profit goal as well! Your bullet journal is a great way to track all of this.
  3. Log your daily tasks.
    If you're setting up a daily spread anyway, make sure to include your business related tasks on your to-do list! I find that including my business related tasks helps me to stay focused throughout the day. Working from home can be pretty distracting, especially with two tiny tornadoes running around, but if I include my business tasks in my bullet journal, I feel more motivated to get them done and fill in the boxes as complete.At one point, I was splitting 2 pages for all of my days in the week, and since I mostly use my bullet journal for business, it wasn't nearly enough room! Going into this year, I've set up my journal to be a page a day and I think it'll help a ton with producitivity since I can log ALL my tasks! Here's an example of how I'm setting it up this year for efficiency!
    If you want to use your bullet journal for business, these are some greIf you want to use your bullet journal for business, these are some great bullet journaling tips to help keep you efficient and organized!
  4. Prioritize!
    If you're like me, you likely have a lot going on at any given time. Using your bullet journal for business tasks also allows you to prioritize what needs to get done first. If you know that you'll only make it through 4 tasks today, add the others throughout the other days in your weekly spread so you can prioritize and stay on top of your game!
  5. Create a habit tracker! 
    This is my biggest goal for my bullet journal in 2017. I want to create better habits for myself so I can stay on track to meet my goals each and every month. Visual aids help me stay on track, especially like this habit tracker! I've got personal goals here as well, but you'll see I have virtual assistant work on there as well. I have been working less lately because of the holidays and I wish I would've tried to work more because I could've hit my financial goals a lot faster! I'm hoping by accomplishing more and earning more, I can set a better schedule for myself. Additionally, I've set a goal to consistently blog two times a week, so I'm hoping I can keep better track of my days by using this habit tracker!Here's an example of my habit tracker for January in my bullet journal:
    If you want to use your bullet journal for business, these are some great bullet journaling tips to help keep you efficient and organized!

If you're planning on using a bullet journal for business this year, I highly recommend these supplies! They're favorites of mine and they seem to help my creative process flow more, plus also, SHINY! 😉

(Keep in mind there are also different color variations of that journal, but I love this color so I had to share!) I also shared some banner templates because often times, I hear people say that they could never bullet journal for business (or otherwise) because they're not artistic or creative enough. Many of us who bullet journal aren't overly artistic but we use rulers and stencils to help us create beautiful spreads in our journals! Totally recommend it if you're interested in bullet journaling.

Are you going to use a bullet journal for business this year? What kind of business do you run? Leave a link in the comments below, I'd love to check it out! Also feel free to enter the bullet journal starter pack giveaway!

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Enter the giveaway for this bullet journal starter pack!

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  1. This is a really neat article. Really looking ti take my business to the next level this year and will definitely utilize some of your classes.

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