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Y'all, game day is kind of my jam. Like, I *live* for putting on a jersey, rooting for my team, talking smack to opposing fans, and eating food. That's probably a pretty big reason I'm trying to lose weight now if we're being honest. I mean, being lazy adds to that, but game day? Game day is my weakness. So this year, in the spirit of smashing my resolutions and achieving my goals, I'm trying to stick to healthy game day appetizers for all of my sporting functions. I know that temptation is everywhere, but at least if I'm making my own healthy appetizers, I know I can stay on track.

If you're trying to eat healthier, lose weight, or just generally stay away from junk food, I got your back boo! These are some of my favorites from around the web! Believe me when I say that these healthy game day appetizers give me life, y'all! I hope you'll enjoy the heck out of them too!

If you're looking to lose weight and stay fit this year, these healthy Game Day appetizers are exactly what you need in your life!

25 Healthy Game Day Appetizers

1. Easy To Make Salsa from Organized 31
2. Vegetarian Stuffed Sweet Peppers from Food N Service
3. Weight Watchers Creamy Guacamole from Slap Dash Mom
4. Gluten Free Low Carb Mozzarella Sticks from Wholesome Yum
5. Zucchini Sticks from Food N Service
6. Buffalo Turkey Meatballs from Wholesome Yum
7. Spinach & Artichoke Dip Zucchini Bites from Like Mother Like Daughter
8. Rainbow Party Fruit Tray from right here on Nerdy Foodie Mom!
9. General Tso's Instant Pot Shredded Chicken from Pressure Cook Recipes
10. Chocolate Avocado Fruit Dip from Slap Dash Mom
11. Bruschetta Made With Heirloom Tomatoes And Kale from Ann's Entitled Life
12. Cucumber Salad Wrap from Food N Service
13. Curry Coconut Oil Sweet Potato Fries and Cucumber Dill Dip from Averie Cooks
14. Pineapple Salsa from Averie Cooks
15. Zucchini Crust Pizza from Baking With Blondie
16. Curry Rosemary Roasted Mixed Nuts from Cali Girl Cooking
17. Easy Greek Crostini from Wry Toast Eats
18. Turkey Pinwheels With Cranberry Spread from Eat Yourself Skinny
19. Cucumber Pinwheels With Sun Dried Tomatoe Avocado pesto from The Fitchen
20. Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers from Wholesome Yum
21. Easy Cocktail Appetizers from Ann's Entitled Life
22. Deviled Eggs With Prosciutto Peppers And Feta from Fashionable Foods
23. Chipotle Chicken Mini Tostadas from Muy Delish
24. Skinny Valentina Hot Wings from Basil And Bubbly
25. Gluten Free Baked Eggplant Bites from Food Fanatic

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