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Y'all. I am sitting here writing this in disbelief. My daughter is starting preschool next month! In just over two weeks, the beautiful little girl who made me a mother will be starting a journey of her own. Wow. Time really does fly! My daughter loves social environments and she's pretty excited about school. (Who is more nervous - her or me? I think we all know the answer to that.) I can't wait for her to get into a learning rich environment and learn so much more about the world! I've started practicing and getting her ready at home with some free preschool games so that she has an idea of what to expect during preschool this year!

Free Preschool Games & Halloween Printables For Kids - these are the perfect rainy day activity for fall this year!

Today I wanted to share some free preschool games with you - but keep in mind that the word search is probably something you'll want to help your preschooler with or it makes a great activity for older brothers and sisters to do as well! You can print multiples of this set for each kid in the household if you want too - it's always fun to do some family activities around the table together!

Free Preschool Games & Halloween Printables For Kids - these are the perfect rainy day activity for fall this year!

Halloween is my favorite time of the year (you might remember the Halloween Adult Coloring Page I shared here before) so I just had to jump on the chance to share these cute free preschool games and activities this year! There is both a MAZE and a WORD SEARCH so depending on what level and age your kids are at, you might want to start them off on the maze or dive right into a word search! These cute little witches are absolutely adorable and it makes for a great rainy day activity - something we'll need a lot of in the coming fall and winter months!

I hope you enjoy these free preschool games and that your kiddos have a great upcoming school year - I know mine is practically bouncing off the walls just waiting the last few weeks of summer for her first session of school ever!

Free Preschool Games & Halloween Printables For Kids - Download below!

witch maze and word search


Love these printables? These were made by an incredible friend and peer and she was gracious enough to let me share them on the blog! Want to see more cool Halloween stuff? Check Jennifer out at Easy DIY Halloween for more of her super cool work - and don't forget to sign up for her newsletter! 

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