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You may not know this - but we bought our first car together many moons ago before kids were ever involved. Back then, we didn't really have as many tips for buying a new car under our belt. We bought a Honda Civic (while we were trying to grow our family, maybe not such a smart idea). The car (Gina 2.0, yes, I name all of my cars) has certainly been great to us and been pretty low maintenance in the time that we've owned it, but it's time to move on to something bigger, and better.

6 IMPORTANT Tips For Buying a New Car as a Family! Have you made your first family car purchase yet? These tips make it a breeze!

We're certainly taking our time in this process, but we're in the process of buying a new car! Or at least, new to us. There are so many factors that play into making a family car purchase, and we'll talk about some of the most important tips for buying a new car as a family in this post!

6 (Important!) Tips For Buying a New Car as a Family

  • Safety.
    Safety is super important to me as a mom, and I'm sure it is just as important to the rest of you parents out there. Making sure I know that any used car purchases are cleared and what their history is like. Check the CARFAX report to see if it's ever been in an accident or otherwise compromised.
    YES, I have this all capitalized because it is so important when buying a new car to make sure you're doing adequate research and going into the purchase well informed. Cars.com makes it easy to do all of your research in one spot. You can learn about different types of cars and figure out which features are important to you, and which ones aren't. Cars.com has a video review feature where you can get a pretty in-depth assessment of the cars you're researching as well! Because of the convenience of being able to do all your research in one place and come out well informed before making a purchase, I highly recommend using Cars.com for your research before buying a new car.

    BONUS: See how they conduct car seat checks if car seat safety is of big importance to you while buying a new car!

  • Take it for a test drive!
    Buying a new car without test driving it is just silly! Make sure you get into that car and drive it around to see how it feels. You might find that just because it looks nice, it might not necessarily be your style once you're actually driving it. Plus, it gives you a good idea of how day to day life might be with that new vehicle! (Are there enough cup holders? Can your cup holder fit your grande XL coffee in the morning? GIMME ALL THE CUP HOLDERS!)
  • Set a (strict) budget - and stick to it!
    Budget is an important factor to consider when buying a new car, and it certainly isn't something you can just compromise on willy-nilly! You don't want to put yourself in an unhealthy financial situation in the future, so going into this with a clear idea of what you want is important. Don't back down against car salesman! Their JOB is to get the most as possible out of you. Understand that while they have a job to do, you have a budget to stick to! Walk in with a price and payment amount in mind beforehand and give yourself some wiggle room either way. Choose a range that you're willing to spend in and stay in it!

    Pro Tip: Looking for extra ways to make money to cushion your bank account and increase your budget for buying a new car? Check out 15 unique ways to make money from home - or even start your own blog

  • Consider pre-approval.
    Sometimes the best deal just isn't with the dealer you're buying a new car from - and that's okay. Call around to different dealers before just jumping into a purchase. See what they can offer you in comparison to other places you've looked. And even after that, it's still a good idea to see if you can qualify for pre-approval through a credit union or bank. (Don't forget to include your trade-in value for the loan if you have one!)
  • Be practical!
    There's almost nothing worse than the feeling of buyer's remorse, and car buying is no exception to that. Believe me - I've been there! My first car purchase was extremely unresearched and uninformed. I can't wait to go into this next purchase as a more informed consumer and parent. I'm half a decade older than I was during my first car purchase and I've learned a lot since then! Practicality is so much more important to me now than looks. Our family is looking for a car with:

    • Comfortable seating (and preferably lots of it!)
    • Easy car seat installation (our current car is far from easy)
    • Great gas mileage
    • High safety ratings
    • Color: red (This is The Queen Bee's stipulation - oh boy!)

We can't wait to share with you what we end up finding in the future, but for now, I hope you'll enjoy the tips for buying a new car we shared with you. What other tips for buying a car would you share with people? Share in the comments below!

6 IMPORTANT Tips For Buying a New Car as a Family! Have you made your first family car purchase yet? These tips make it a breeze!

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  1. I’m car shopping right now and making a decision on this is SO HARD. Love the firm budget tip I keep on trying to convince myself to break the one I set. And I totally agree with lots of cup holders ?

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