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Why haven't I been blogging? Well, that's a great question, and one that I don't know I can truly answer fully myself. The short answer is: divorce struggles. The long answer is that I fell out of love with everything from a time period in my life and I was having a hard time feeling attached to anything, even a blog. I was being surrounded by so much stress and seeing so much fraud everywhere, I was starting to feel discouraged.


Did I have to lie to gain readers and keep my blog going? Sometimes that's what it felt like. More and more, sponsors are looking for those cookie-cutter happy family stories, and to be honest, they just weren't there for me anymore. The reality is that it's extremely hard to sit here and share family recipes when my family is crumbling at the seams.

The purpose of this post is not to point blame or garner sympathy. In fact, I'd even go as far as to say that this whole experience has made me a much stronger person in general. I've learned so much about myself throughout the process that I never would've fully understood before. Sometimes, it's true, you have to endure a little rain to enjoy the rainbow.

The purpose of this post is to update you all on where I'm at in life. I'm currently working outside the home, leaving slightly less time to tend to the blog, but I'm still here. I'm looking at another rebrand this year to something more fitting for the path my life is on right now. I'll still be here, sharing tips for freelancing, virtual assistant work, occasionally recipes, and stories about motherhood. Though my stories will shift in perspective as I embark on the journey of single motherhood.

I hope that you'll continue to stick around and read my journey, as I've absolutely loved sharing every step of it with you all. My readers have kept me going through some of my darkest times, and this blog has been a lifesaver for me on more than one occasion. If you remember, I started this blog because I was struggling with depression. Writing has always been a coping mechanism for me and something that I truly enjoy. I won't be stopping that anytime soon!

With that being said, I'd like to thank you all for being a part of this incredible journey. It started out as The Tailored Mama, was reborn into Nerdy Foodie Mom, and I'm looking forward to sharing the next leg in our journey with you under a new name! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you, for allowing me to turn this passion and hobby into a dream come true that not only helps to support my family but my creativity as well.

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